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Frequently Asked Questions


How long has CPR been in business?

We’ve been in construction management for more than 20 years. We organized the LLC in 2006.

Do you provide a free estimate?

Yes. There is no charge for our initial consultation and quote. Our 20 years of hands-on experience has taught us how to ask exactly the right questions in order to prepare a clear, detailed quote/estimate you can count on.

Depending on your project, we can either create a...

Fixed Price Quote. For smaller projects, we offer a fixed, guaranteed price you can count on.

Cost Plus Estimate. For larger projects, we’ll provide you with a preliminary estimate for budgeting purposes. In a Cost-Plus Agreement, you simply pay the actual costs incurred during the project plus a negotiated markup for managing it.

Are your prices competitive?

In a word, absolutely. As long as you compare apples to apples...

To be clear, we don’t promise the least cost price. We’ll leave that to those who are willing to cut a few corners. But we do promise to do the job right... to stay on schedule... and to provide you with a level of service you won’t experience anywhere else. (For example, take a look at our 5 Step Process To Hassle-Free Renovation.)

Wouldn’t you agree that’s worth a few extra bucks?

Our previous customers do.

Do you guarantee your price?

Yes. Our contract price is guaranteed as long as the scope and specifications do not change. We’ll provide you with a clear, detailed proposal so you know exactly what it covers and what to expect.

How do you handle a “Change Order”?

We are happy to accommodate our clients’ wishes. Once we’ve come to an agreement, we’ll authorize any change order made in writing. We’ll also let you know how it affects the original quote and schedule we gave you.

Should I anticipate any costs beyond the contract price?

As mentioned earlier, you will not pay more than the original contract price unless we do additional work beyond what is stated in the agreement. If you wish to make changes, keep in mind this may affect the original price.

In some cases, there may be an unforeseen problem such as an underground obstacle, decayed framing, electrical, plumbing, or construction that needs to be brought up to code  and  may require additional work. However because of our extensive experience, we usually anticipate many potential problems that could arise—things often overlooked by others.

How does your design / build process work?

We meet with our clients, involve professionals and our team as needed for design , acquire the necessary drawings and permits.  We then price the project and make any adjustments the client ask for.  Changes are incorporated as we continue to move through each phase of the project.

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Construction Project Resources, LLC.
165 Gloria Ct.
 Branson, MO 65616

Phone: 417-699-2400
Fax: 417-334-1324

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