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Let's Start Planning Your New Bathroom …
  • Besides the kitchen, bathrooms are the most important, frequently used spaces in the home. Despite their importance, they are still some of the smallest rooms in the home. Within this relatively small space there is a lot going on, it is important to really examine the functionality of the space in regards to how you personally use it
  • How do you use the space…(besides the obvious)
  • What type of bathroom is it? Is it a Master Bath, Shared Family Bath or Powder room-this will make a huge difference as to how you design it.
  • How often is the bathroom used?
  • Who uses the bathroom? Do you have kids that use the bathroom as well or guests that come to visit?
  • What type of activities do you use the bathroom for? i.e. relax, listen to music, get dressed?
  • Do you plan to grow old in the space? If so, incorporating Aging-In Place design will be a consideration.
  • Are you alone in the bathroom-is someone else in the household getting ready at the same time? If so, how do you interact in the space? Do you have enough privacy?
  • What about the current layout makes the space uncomfortable? Think ventilation, space, layout, fixtures, etc.
  • What appliances or fixtures do you use?
  • Is there enough counter space?
  • Are there enough electrical outlets?
  • What are the storage requirements and is there enough storage in the bathroom? Does the current vanity hold all of your belongings? Do you have a linen cabinet in the bathroom?
  • Do you take a bath or shower or both? How else do you use the bath/shower space (shaving, bathing children or pets, etc)?Are the linens you need handy?
  • What water usage concerns do you have? For instance, do you often run out of hot water when filling the tub?



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Construction Project Resources, LLC.
165 Gloria Ct.
 Branson, MO 65616

Phone: 417-699-2400
Fax: 417-334-1324

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