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Let's Start Planning Your Basement …
  • What do you want from your basement; more space to store your stuff, more room for kids to play, more space to entertain your family and friends? Remodeling your basement offers solutions to a variety of family needs and wishes. Like any remodeling project, though, finishing off the basement begins with the plan.
  • Basements come in many shapes and sizes, and may have obstacles like a furnace, water heater, pipes, ducts, support beams or poles, and drain pipes to work around. When planning your project, consider the intended use of the space. An office will need room for a desk and filing cabinets, while a children's playroom will require enough space for toys and kids' sized table and chairs. Rec rooms will need even more space to accommodate furniture, big-screen TV, and that pool table you've been dreaming about.
  • Finishing off a basement is our specialty - see pictures to get some ideas
  • Does your new basement remodel include additional sleeping space? Creating a new bedroom provides a great place for extended stay guests to sleep. Keep in mind, however, that increasing the number of rooms in your basement will make the entire basement feel less spacious. If overnighters are your primary concern, maybe a big comfy hide-a-bed will do.
  • Adding a bathroom brings a convenience to any downstairs working or living space. Do you have enough room for one? Do you have a necessary plumbing I place? And of course, do you wish to have another bathroom to keep clean?
  • Enjoying your new basement demands a comfortable environment. Check your foundation for leaks or cracks that could cause dampness. Insulating the exterior walls can help reduce the chilliness of your basement. It's required by code any ways! Installing a subfloor and padding beneath the flooring or carpeting raises the floor temperature, improving overall comfort especially for children playing on the floor. Fireplace can add warmth and beauty to basement rec room, while baseboard heaters quickly take the chill out of your downstairs craft room or guest bedroom.
  • Soundproofing may also be a consideration for your project. Whether you are keeping the sounds of t he world outside of your office, or the sound of your teenager's drum set inside your basement, there are a variety of remodeling products and techniques to explore.

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Construction Project Resources, LLC.
165 Gloria Ct.
 Branson, MO 65616

Phone: 417-699-2400
Fax: 417-334-1324

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